Example of cradled hardboard, white sides

Example of a painting on cradled hardboard, ready to hang.

I just wanted to share a quick note on my paintings that might not be obvious unless you come to one of my gallery shows! Recently I’ve been using cradled hardboard instead of canvas for some of my works. Instead of painting on a canvas stretched onto a frame, the cradled hardboard format allows me to paint directly on a piece of wood that offers rigid support for the oil medium. The blank sides make the paintings ready to hang as-is – no frame needed! They can still be framed if you prefer, but many of my customers enjoy this look because it has a much more contemporary feel.

In fact, many of my oil paintings on canvas can also be hung without a frame. I paint the whole canvas — sides included — for a wraparound effect. Again, the result is a clean, modern work of art that will fit nicely on any wall.