teen mentor

Mentoring teens for their senior project is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done as an  arts instructor. In my opinion it is absolutely essential that artistically talented teens are given the opportunity to develop, experiment, gain knowledge, and work in an abundance of media. If it wasn’t for The Barnsdal Art Ctr in Hollywood, I might never have had the confidence to move forward in an arts related career. For me, the center was an oasis of beauty and creativity in an otherwise over- hyped, over media-ized concrete jungle and maze of a city. As a teen, the summer art classes at Barnsdal were my saving grace. With that and visits to LACMA,  I received a well rounded arts education which in turn inspires me to pass on whatever knowledge I can.

Here’s a “thank you” that I received from one of the students:

I would like to formally thank you for your contribution to my Senior Project. I really valued to time I spent learning the techniques and concepts of oil painting you taught me. You made me realize how fun it actually is to oil paint, after having such a rough time with it Junior year. This painting is probably one of the best art pieces I have ever completed, and it would have never turned out as well as I wanted it to without your help. Again, thank you for being patient with my perfectionism enough to help me complete my hours and my Senior Project overall.




Gabriel Epperson