I tend to paint the moon more often in the winter. The full moon is just so luminous and bright in a dark and cold time of year, it’s impossible for my artistic eye to resist. This series continues to be a popular one for me. I like to think that in these troubled times of ours, more people are attracted to the moon for the wisdom and guidance she offers. May the moon shine upon you in all the seasons and bring you hope!


Moon Over Ashland Hills © Copyright 2015 Silvia Trujillo Art

Although night is not an easy time to paint outdoors, sometimes it’s possible to capture the moon in plein air through a well placed window. This was the case from my friend’s lovely house with its expansive views of Grizzly Peak, where I captured this moody moon. “Moon Over Ashland Hills” © Copyright 2016 Silvia Trujillo Art


Phantom Glow © Copyright 2017 Silvia Trujillo Art

“Phantom Glow” © Copyright 2016 Silvia Trujillo Art


What would the moon be without a tree to tangle up in, cast a glow on, and kiss good night? I painted this one on a recycled wood panel.


© Copyright 2016 Silvia Trujillo Art

On a snow-blanketed winter’s night, the full moon seems to fill the whole sky. I painted this on a reclaimed wood panel. “Moon and Movement” © Copyright 2016 Silvia Trujillo Art



Crescent Dreams © Copyright 2016 Silvia Trujillo Art

This conceptual piece captures many impressions of early winter mornings on Siltcoos Lake, on the Oregon Coast. The last of my moon paintings for now. Get it while you still can! “Crescent Dreams” © Copyright 2016 Silvia Trujillo Art


Oil on stretched canvas