It’s wonderful to be back in Ashland among our thriving artistic community! On Saturday, I participated in Ashland Paint Out, a plein-air-painting competition (though it was all very convivial) that sent local artists out into North Mountain and Lithia parks. Our mission was to capture the landscape, colors and visions of these world-class parks and bring them back to be judged.

Ashland Paint Out Plein Air Works by local artists

These were some of my favorite paintings that came out of the event.

Sixty artists participated; 20 works were selected to appear in Howard Hanson Gallery that same evening (we had to do some quick framing!) Here’s the first painting I did, in North Mountain Park:

Ashland Paint Out Plein Air Work © Copyright 2014 Silvia Trujillo Art

“From the Bridge”, oil on canvas, $700
© Copyright 2014 Silvia Trujillo Art

After that, I took a break to check on my dog and take a little walk. Then I thought, well, I still have 45 minutes (the event ran from 8 to noon). So I painted another one! To really appreciate both of these works, I think you should head to Howard Hansen gallery at 89 Oak St. in Ashland and see them in person (but for those of you two far away I’ll get good photos on the blog soon).

That’s right, both of my paintings were chosen for the final show, in one of Ashland’s best galleries. I was honored and thrilled – but still not satisfied, apparently.

Silvia "corrects" the paint

My painting “Rush”, was still wet, and I couldn’t resist fixing “just one thing”.

That’s what I love about oils – they’re very forgiving, and they take a long time to dry. If you’d like to indulge your inner perfectionist by learning how to paint with oils, I’d be happy to teach you! Now that I’m settled back here in the Rogue Valley, I’ll be starting up my painting lessons again soon in a lovely new studio space I just found.

Thanks to Barbara Massey for organizing the Ashland Paint Out, and Howard Hansen Gallery for hosting all of these lovely plain air paintings until September 30th. I believe they capture the best of Ashland. All of the artists who participated should be very proud!