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Teen Mentor Silvia Trujillo

Seeking the Spiritual in Art

“The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.” – Walter Kandinsky

Silvia Trujillo believes that everyone can benefit from art instruction, even if they have no desire to pursue art professionally! Art is an ancient method of expanding one’s perception that is too often set aside in pursuit of more “serious” activities. What have you been missing in your life?

As an art instructor, Silvia uses humor, compassion and patience to guide her students to find their own unique voice. Studies have shown that expressing experiences and feelings through artistic mediums — especially drawing or painting with a variety of colors — can have a beneficial effect on emotional and spiritual healing processes. 

Under Silvia’s mentorship, each course of art instruction is tailored to the individual. Whether you’re looking to explore color, shape and line, or you are seeking an understanding of advanced artistic principles and skill building, she can create a program just for you! 

Silvia Trujillo specializes in Impressionist, Realist, Expressionist, and Abstract painting styles. She teaches the core artistic principles of composition, value, and color harmony in each lesson. Her intuitive ability to assess the individual’s strengths and weaknesses has lead her to a successful teaching career spanning over two decades. 

Students of all ages have produced hundreds of successful paintings under Silvia’s mentorship. Many of her students have gone on to become award-winning and/or career artists.

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Artist Silvia Trujillo teaches an art class at Rogue Gallery in Medford, Oregon. Now based in Florence, Oregon, Silvia can also help you take your art to the next level if you live in the her to learn more and make arrangements for private art instruction!

Artist Silvia Trujillo teaches an art class at Rogue Gallery in Medford, Oregon

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Here is what some of Silvia’s students have to say:

“Not only is Silvia a brilliant artist, but she has a talent for teaching as well. Silvia is funny, direct and spot-on in her critiques. She encourages my work but doesn’t just teach to make me feel good. I wouldn’t want any other art instructor than her. I believe that together we can achieve anything on canvas!” – Hannah C.

“Silvia is one of a kind! She can teach all media in the same class with several students and never misses a beat. She is very positive and allows her students freedom of choice in style, media and expression. Many impressive artists have developed from scratch under her direction. Since she left our area we have looked far and wide for someone to replace her, but it has been impossible. You just can’t find anyone that teaches drawing, oils, watercolors, and acrylics in impressionist and abstract styles.” — Delores G.

“My work with Silvia has extended beyond technical skill and into the realm of the spiritual. She is wonderfully clear, compassionate and insightful. I look forward to my art lessons because not only do I see steady improvement in all of my creative endeavors, but I also leave feeling more in line with the universal aspect of my self.” — Tuula R. 


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