Dear blog readers, I know you appreciate and look forward to my posts of my latest paintings, but have you ever considered that you yourself might be a great artist?

Artist Silvia Trujillo teaches an art class at Rogue Gallery in Medford, Oregon. Now based in Florence, Oregon, Silvia can also help you take yourart to the next level if you live in the her to learn more and mkae arrangemetns for private art instruction!

Bring your current projects or we’ll work on something new!

I believe that everyone can benefit from art instruction, even if they have no desire to pursue art professionally! Art is an ancient method of expanding one’s perception that is too often set aside in pursuit of more “serious” activities. Whether or not you’re “good” is irrelevant — think of it as a spiritual practice, like yoga for your brain!

As I re-settle in the Rogue Valley after some major life changes, I’m greatly expanding my teaching program. That’s why I’m extending a very special offer to you, my blog readers!

Head over to my Facebook page, and if you haven’t yet, “Like” me. That’s all you have to do, and I’ll give you your first half hour of instruction free! Regular classes are more affordable than you might think, especially if you want to get together with a group of friends. My place or yours!

In case you haven’t checked out my Instruction page lately, do. All the details are there, or of course you can always just contact me.